4 Techniques to Help Tackle Social Anxiety Head-on

We can all agree, anxiety is a b*tch! So when social anxiety creeps up and bites us on the arse with no warning, it’s no wonder we fall into complete meltdown. If you already struggle with anxiety or have done in the past… Then you’ll know of the mental and physical strains your body is put through when an attack rears its head. 

Mental Health is, nowadays, one of THE biggest threats to young people across the globe. It shows up when you’re least expecting it, causes unnecessary panic, and then f*cks off. Leaving you drenched head-to-toe, standing in a puddle of your own insecurities and negative thoughts. 

But what if we told you, you weren’t alone? What if we told you… OVER 200 million people worldwide suffer from an anxiety disorder every year! And, not only that, but there are hundreds of people pushing through and fighting back.

After years of negative stigma around mental health, forcing people to suffer in silence, we are so happy that people are starting to take notice of this global issue. 

We’ve found that these 5 easy and simple techniques will help bring you back down to earth and to reality.

So, If social anxiety is a battle you are fighting, but yet to win, listen up!

Be Prepared

This might sound silly or unnecessary, however, being prepared for an attack before it shows up is the best line of defense. If you’ve been struggling with minor symptoms, yet are ignorantly telling yourself “I’ll be fine” THINK AGAIN!

You aren’t any different from anyone else, you haven’t been given a free pass and you certainly won’t be OK if you don’t have a trick or two up your sleeve. Just like the Maths test you sat in school or the interview to that dream job you’ve always wanted, being prepared is imperative.

Bracing yourself ahead of time, should anxiety appear, gives you leverage to conquer it head-on. Some might even say it helps to push it back down and avoid the mini catastrophe that’s about to take-over inside your head. 

“Some simple steps to prepare yourself are…”

  • Carrying essential oils that help calm your nerves.
  • Downloading a relaxing sound onto your phone to play.
  • Writing yourself a note to read back.
  • Briefing the people around you, so everyone understands.

Focus on Your Breathing

Breathing is something we do naturally, without thinking about it, our bodies just do it. So when we were told to stop for a minute and focus on each breath, we thought the advice was crazy. Funnily enough, after listening to the advice and concentrating on our breathing, all our anxiety reduced. 

Mastering the simple art of slow and steady breathing is the most common technique out there. It’s something you can do without drawing any attention to yourself. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the public eye. 

Practice will only make perfect, so try sitting for 10 minutes each day and work on really connecting with yourself and your breathing. That way, when Mr. A turns up, you’ll be able to banish him away in no time!

Say it Out Loud

Admitting to yourself, let alone to others that you are fighting an endless battle with social anxiety is never easy. Nonetheless, saying it out loud to yourself and being aware of your feelings, will help tremendously. 

This method can feel daunting, yet opening up to yourself and acknowledging that your anxious is the most powerful approach to take. Once you are fully aware of your feelings and emotions, it’s much easier to understand the situation and resolve the issue at hand. 

The root cause of anxiety is trauma after all. Being exposed to a similar traumatic experience can push and pull on your emotional state. So say it loud and say it, proud people, it won’t hurt trying.

Be Mindful

Anxious people have a tendency to work themselves up about minor things, which results in them no longer being able to function. To help reduce anxiety and feel more positive, it’s important to create a calm and stress-free mindset for yourself.

Being mindful can feel hard in the moment, but, with a few mindfulness exercises such as breathing (as above) and focusing on your senses, can help reduce your social anxiety attack in seconds.

Remind yourself that while it doesn’t feel great, you’ve felt this way before and it won’t last forever. There are always going to be times when your social anxiety will take over and make you feel like it’s the end of the world. But experiencing anxiety doesn’t mean you’re not capable of going about your daily regime. It just means it might take a bit more time to teach yourself that you can actually do the things we are anxious about. 

Suffering from a mental health illness and more specifically social anxiety isn’t something to be ashamed of. Today, more than ever before, people are raising their hands and admitting their struggles. By simply opening up and exploring all the possibilities out there, together we can tackle our problems head-on and start living again.

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