Rudy’s Barbershop – Trim & Talk

In collaboration with Rudy’s, we have designed and installed our #trim&talk selfie mirror at their barber shop at 7 Hope Street, St Helier. 

Wear Your Belief are passionate advocates of Mental Health Awareness. We firmly believe that getting problems off your chest and talking to someone is the best way to overcome any obstacle. If you are having a crap day at work, feeling a little bit meh or just want a chit chat with someone new, get yourself down to Rudy’s for an awesome trim and get involved in our campaign to #stompoutthestigma.

Once you’ve got your haircut, take a selfie in front of our selfie mirror, upload it to Instagram, and tag us in the photo @wearyourbelief_ for the chance to win a £50 voucher.

Together, let’s break the stigma around mental health and promote healthy, ‘old-fashioned’, human interaction!

Rudy’s Barber Shop
7 Hope Street
St. Helier

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